Michel Baladi has owned and operated Upholstery Unlimited for nearly two decades. His innate ability to create exquisite upholstered furniture and drapery is what makes him so unique. A talent such as his comes with experience, dedication and a natural ability to transform something raw into something extraordinary. “The nature of upholstering is covering something up, so there are a lot of places to hide inferior-quality work,” he notes. “But there’s more satisfaction to be had in making things the old way. You know the pieces will last for decades.” (House & Garden, March 2006). Mr. Baladi is able to incorporate rich texture and unique style into all his work, satisfying the high standards set by his clientele. Despite changes in trends, his pieces are timeless. He has worked with many well known designers such as Jamie Drake, Robert Couturier, and Charles Allem to name a few. His work has not only been featured in magazines such as House & Garden, Architectural Digest, and Western Interiors, but has made their way into the homes of Madonna, Luther Vandross and Caroll O’Connor. His passion for upholstering, which reflects in his work, is something that is inspired from within.

21-21 41ST AVENUE, SUITE 4A - LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101 - PHONE: 718.786.1232 / 718.786.1233 - FAX: 718.786.1230